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Şaft Askı Rulmanı

Şaft Askı Rulmanı
Açıklama: 123 000 01 01
Tarih: 09-03-2009 12:07:15
Hit: 347
Rating: oy yok
Resim Boyutu: 11,19 KB (397 x 267 px)
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Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 21-08-2013 15:33:10
var my_mcl:MovieClipLoader=new MovieClipLoader();var myListener:Object=new Object();myListener.onLoadStart=function(target_mc:MovieClip){ trace("開始載入");};myListener.onLoadProgress=function(target_mc:MovieClip,loadedBytes:Number,totalBytes:Number){ trace("載入"+loadedBytes+"/"+totalBytes);};//改成 onLoadInitmyListener.onLoadInit=function(target_mc:MovieClip){ target_mc._width = 100;};my_mcl.addListener(myListener);//場景上要有個名為xxxx_mc的元件my_mcl.loadClip("news1.swf", xxxx_mc);
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 24-08-2013 06:16:16
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Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 25-08-2013 00:36:51
Hello HW,Thanks for the suggestion about the acsecs rights. The PHP user operates as _www . Changing permissions recursively on the IM directory to give all users rwx permissions, which I did, should have taken care of any permissions issues. I ran some tests using php script to see what kind of errors were being returned, and here's what I came up with:Here's the testing code:$array=array();echo ;exec( /Applications/ImageMagick-6.4.4/bin/convert IMG_0041.JPG 41.png 2>&1 , $array);echo .print_r($array). ";echo ; and here's the error that the above script generated:Array( [0] => dyld: Library not loaded: /ImageMagick-6.4.4/lib/libMagickCore.1.dylib [1] => Referenced from: /Applications/ImageMagick-6.4.4/bin/convert [2] => Reason: image not found)What's odd is that running the following command from the command line in a terminal window:/Applications/ImageMagick-6.4.4/bin/convert IMG_0041.JPG 41.png 2>&1works just fine. I'm thinking to focus on the first error:[0] => dyld: Library not loaded: /ImageMagick-6.4.4/lib/libMagickCore.1.dylibIt seems that as a terminal user the library loads, but as _www it does not. Since the permissions are fine, maybe the paths need to be changed for the _www Are path settings different for different users? Your thoughts?
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 28-08-2013 18:48:21
Hello, I'm also having prmlbeos executing convert using PHP.First the path was wrong, and the system command gave me a return value of 127. Then I fixed the path to the convert command (/Applications/ImageMagick-6.4.4/bin/convert), and I fixed the paths to the input and output filenames. Here is the code I'm using:The return value is 5, when I execute this; it does not convert the file. BUT When I copy and past the resize command exactly (without quotes) into the terminal window, it works just fine it converts the file. It just doesn't work from php (i.e. the php script executed from the brower does not do anything). I'm running MAC OS X Leopard 10.5.5 on a MacBook Pro (Intel), and using ImageMagick-6.4.4 I've changed permissions on the source and target folders using chmod a+rw {paths}, and checked that everyone can read and write to those directories.
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 06-09-2013 14:42:53
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Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 24-09-2013 02:47:24
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Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 28-09-2013 04:30:30
Its been 6 years that Ive been playing with different packages, commercial offers, and reading docs in order to find a satisfactory package to manage my images and publish them online.I havent found the right solution for me yet.6 years ago I started with Fujifilmnet, who digitized the pics taken with my regular camera, when developped at FNAC, in France, then sent me a CD, and pushed the images to their web site, where I could create password protected albums to share with family and friends.Their app was in server side javascript on netscape servers and since I was working for netscape I proposed them to fix some annoying bugs that precented me from doing what i wanted. They refused Then I have installed slooze on my server, on iplanet web server on windows 2k, with a fixed ip, that was running on a machine with a fixed ip in my living room, when I was in the US.Slooze is yet another php based solution, and I created a few albums, but it is too limited: my homegrown process to create albums involves some perl script on the client side that call imagemagick, before I ftp the images to my site, then use slooze to create the album. Not good. I want some client side app to manage my albums.Then I came back to France and moved my web site to a cheap hoster. I installed slooze there as well.Ive looked at Gallery but did not install it: you need to install too many things, and my server is hosted on win NT/IIS at my hosting provider: it was difficult enough to get basic slooze and MT working there If you have problems with Gallery, try asking Pierre-Luc Paour: hes a french ex-Netscape guy whos passionate about Gallery and participates in its development.My Sun friend Alejandro Abdelnur has used JAlbum to generate static albums, and hes pretty happy with it.I tried iPhoto on the mac, but it still has some limitations. I like the fact that theyre using an xml format for album meta data though. This could enable some fun extension.Look at the w3Cs proof of concept embedding RDF in the jpeg files header: not very usable but an interesting concept.For windows I also tried ACDSee a few years ago: generates static sites OK.Basically I did not find any package that suits my needs.Could be a fun open source project to start, but I have no time to do that.Good luck in your endeavour: with 4 years of digitized regular pics, and 2 years of pure digital pics, I now have 12000 pics lying on my hard drive, with very little organization And I guess with the current success of digital cams, were not alone in this case.P@ impotence and diabetes online autoinsurance quotes e d pills online
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 30-09-2013 07:01:19
~]# yum install libtool-ltdlLoaded plugins: fastestmirrorLoading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * base: sunsite.rediris.es * extras: sunsite.rediris.es * updates: sunsite.rediris.esExcluding Packages in global exclude listFinishedSetting up Install ProcessResolving Dependencies> Running transaction check> Package libtool-ltdl.i386 0:1.5.22-7.el5_4 set to be updated> Package libtool-ltdl.x86_64 0:1.5.22-7.el5_4 set to be updated> Finished Dependency ResolutionDependencies Resolved=============================================================================================================== Package Arch Version Repository Size===============================================================================================================Installing: libtool-ltdl i386 1.5.22-7.el5_4 base 37 k libtool-ltdl x86_64 1.5.22-7.el5_4 base 38 kTransaction Summary===============================================================================================================Install 2 Package(s)Upgrade 0 Package(s)Total download size: 75 kIs this ok [y/N]: yDownloading Packages:(1/2): libtool-ltdl-1.5.22-7.el5_4.i386.rpm | 37 kB 00:03(2/2): libtool-ltdl-1.5.22-7.el5_4.x86_64.rpm | 38 kB 00:03Total 10 kB/s | 75 kB 00:07Running rpm_check_debugRunning Transaction TestFinished Transaction TestTransaction Test SucceededRunning Transaction Installing : libtool-ltdl 1/2 Installing : libtool-ltdl 2/2 Installed: libtool-ltdl.i386 0:1.5.22-7.el5_4 libtool-ltdl.x86_64 0:1.5.22-7.el5_4 Complete![root@hn29 ~]# rpm -Uvh ImageMagick-6.7.1-0.x86_64.rpmPreparing& ########################################### [100%] 1:ImageMagick ########################################### [100%][root@hn29 ~]# cialis sales accutane online pharmacy viagra-prices
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 18-10-2013 08:43:39
Hola Gracias por la respuesta, pero si deseo que este sedviror sea publico si necesito instalar el DNS?, en algun momento de la instalacion me pide instalarlo e igual el ssh?, he leido varios manuales inclusive debian y en debian si lo pide por eso mi pregunta, que posterior a la instalacion se instalan. bueno lo voy a probar y comento, saliendome un poco del tema, le comento que tengo un server con squid e iptables y otros servicios como sarg e iptraff, pero el problema que siempre se me presenta es que despues de unos meses se torna lenta la interfaz grafica dilata en arrancar cuando lo reinicio, verifico el estado del cpu y memoria y el consumo es bajo, lo he montado igual eso mismo en ubuntu y nunca me ha pasado, en cambio con centos si, favor podria indicarme si tengo que correr alguna rutina de check para optimizar el problema o si puedo ver algun logs que me haga ver el porque el server da ese sintoma.De antemano le agradezco su ayuda.
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 21-10-2013 08:31:51
Estiamado me funciono al 100% Zimbra con veisron de 32 bits, cuando dice obsoleto a que se refiere que ya no tiene soporte la veisron?, ademas tengo una duda si lo quisiera poner en produccion con un dominio publico, aparte de comprarlo que mas tendria que hacer.mi proveedor ISP tendria que publicar mi dominio en sus server dns, pero si yo creo un dns publico como seria la configuracion, en mi router tendria que hacer un forwarding a los puertos de correo y dns y envarlos a sus respectivos servidores, ya que estos estarian detras del router el cual tendria la ip publica. http://gpcghlorqbj.com rmnnmpdyzbk [link=http://rwsugehz.com]rwsugehz[/link]
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When taxes have the qualities previously mentioned, it can make for just about any transparent and effective coverage coverage for your country. People benefit in figuring out just the amount they're going to pay back since they make far better cash, which the entire total will not likely modify disproportionally for their earnings. Each voters and governing administration possess a accountability to generate taxes handy and in addition to find out the appropriate technique to have them minimally intrusive, that's ideal produced the decision within a democratic governing administration.Every little thing Everybody Must Understand about Senuke Services
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We all have their very own al fresco plans, and when they may have a set of MBT footwear, they are capable to gain the pleasure even though carring out men and women plans, and furthermore, they'll no a lot more concerned about the truly amazing stress that running together with other sports offer them, as all outstanding materials are now becoming put inside the producing process. Using the approaching from the summer time, quite merely the sporting months are coming, you have to purchase a set of MBT footwear on your own. The footwear enjoy a number of various colors and magnitudes for clients to select which assistance them make their ultimate option.A person Injuries Attorney May have The Ability To Help You To File A Suit
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 26-09-2014 12:54:20
Just after two or 3 quite a few weeks, you are going to be prepared for the following stage that is after the initial contact is designed. This is when you'll need your discipline. With this specific speak to, ideally by voice message, you only wish to return to his radar. You mustn't request to identify him or indicate any really need to. This is not time for apologies or explanations. You may see time for the later.
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 27-09-2014 15:02:19
You might be aware how at times scenarios will not be the issues they seem ?how some thing can look to be moving inside a specific path just to unfold inside a entirely unpredictable way? Or you hear a thing stated among the strategies, but later find out it holds a substantially substantially deeper which means?
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 28-09-2014 12:58:21
Exercise diagrams ought for being used in alignment along with other modeling tactics like interaction diagrams and Affliction diagrams. The principal reason behind using activity diagrams will be to design the work stream powering the machine remaining built. Exercise Diagrams can even be useful for inspecting a use scenario by detailing what actions must arise so every time they should to happen, detailing an elaborate consecutive system and modeling plans with parallel procedures.
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 30-09-2014 14:02:52
Real-time monitoring: Usually, massive corporations usually have cherished the advantages of video clip surveillance manned by safety experts. Beforehand, the occasions taken on video clip ended up utilised to discover info and behave as proof pursuing the function had took place. But, much more latest technologies make it possible for shoppers to observe and respond to sensors immediately.
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 30-09-2014 19:06:01
The initial step would be to employ CakePHP developer, who's experienced with what he's performing to ensure that he'd utilise all of the above described stated options inside the internet site to fit your company. Should you look at outsourcing, it really is commonly much better to pick organizations that have a minimum of two expertise, when controling an array of customers. Choosing this kind of enterprise would guarantee the staff within the organization would possess the capability to use their understanding inside the trends out to personalize your internet site.ght.
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Ought to you recognize higher than a pair of Awareness deficit hyperactivity ailment indications and indicators within your child, and contains been persistent or present to get a lengthy time frame, then plainly you must see your liked ones physician.
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 08-10-2014 09:39:27
Do you think you're interested in taking part in supercross bike racing? Regardless of whether you may be a sports admirer or simply just a supporter of action-packed enjoyment, you will find excellent odds that you just could quite possibly have an interest in collaborating. If this can be the situation, it truly is major to keep in mind 1 detail. Although his aspiration is usually to certainly be a experienced supercross racer motorcycle, you have to start off someplace. The placement you should begin is on the beginner degree.
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 09-10-2014 08:05:29
While searching for a natural and safe strategy to get slimmer, check out the Lemonade Diet plan. This body weight reduction approach consists of consuming a cup or two made from a number of components (clean freshly squeezed lemon juice, walnut syrup, reddish pepper water and cayenne), along with getting a brine flush and laxative teas. Therefore, it may be easily prepared in your own home. The individual need to in the near future commence to begin to see the weight feel and appear healthier because the physique detoxes.
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 10-10-2014 16:44:25
To begin with, the clothes made by this duo was a touch off defeat and its main emphasis was on getting various. This meant that the frequent purchaser wasn the goal, only people that had a taste and sensibility for style could be ready to recognize and buy these types of designer clothes. But of late, the duo has been producing apparel for any broader industry.
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 12-10-2014 04:42:00
The Cupertino-California-based computer maker has stuffed a fantastic deal of technologies inside a box which is quite little larger sized than the usual conventional Linksys or Netgear residence router and weighs about as much. Into this nearly three-pound router, Apple hasn't only enabled dual-band capability (simultaneously), but will also USB backlink ability so that you can share a printer throughout networks, as well as hard-wired high-speed wired Gigabit connectivity.
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 12-10-2014 06:13:25
You should feel about stimulants a final evaluate mainly because getting them could have a sizable amount of money of consequences for the kid's wellbeing. Rapid-term undesirable outcomes are rather aggravating and also the lengthy-term kinds are unidentified but investigate has demonstrated that they'll be relatively serious.
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 14-10-2014 13:49:22
Into the early quite a few years of 2000 status died decreased and bands that began the wave wasn't advertising their new albums along with their prior kinds. With points slowing down decreased, the metal community moved onto your future era of metal tunes which is a pop / emo punk. Nu metal continues to generally be are but however fairly well known. Some bands have modified their variety other even so the similar. In either case Nu metal will invariably acquire that location in culture.
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 15-10-2014 09:14:24
Mainly because most flats in Wichita conduct routine credit inspections, candidates whose credit does less than measure to anticipation need to be ready. Ordinarily, this preparation entails searching because of flats which can be prepared to work with issue candidates, or searching for individuals that merely never conduct routine credit and rental history inspections. The concern that arises here's that lots of these types of flats are not readily noticeable as they usually do not promote.
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 17-10-2014 00:49:53
Naturopathic Focus deficit hyperactivity disorder pure prescription medication is non-addictive and may very well be securely presented to the son or daughter every solitary day devoid of probability of undesirable outcomes. Compared with stimulants, homeopathy definitely will help your son or daughter attain permanent recovery from Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 18-10-2014 08:27:24
The Apple iPhone 3G is an elegant and highly capable device that makes it possible for the customers to enjoy high speed connectivity, easy-to-use imaging and media functions. This is a totally touchscreen interface handset that comes with a large 3.5 inches colourful screen and that too having a total support of 16 million colours and provides a screen resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. This is an ultra-lightweight handset and weighs just 133 grams with all the sleek dimensions of 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm. In addition, it has an accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate screen control, multi-touch input method and an ambient light sensor. The touchscreen comes complimented with a full QWERTY keyboard for quick text input, message writing and reading e-mails without any hassles.
Ziyaretci Yorum eklendi: 20-10-2014 05:51:59
Celebs will always be respected for his / her style variations and preferences. They usually appear so elegant and magnificent since they stroll decrease the red-colored carpet. Owing for their quite lovely movie star attire, they are often well prepared to face your digicam. Precisely why these famed individuals have lovely garments is they can manage to hire designers. These gurus would be the sort who make major excellent attire for his or her shoppers. Given that standard people you should not have income to hire designers, does which implies which they wouldn't provide the capacity to put on great attire any more? The reply is no. You will find a lot of celeb influenced available that can make any one glance great and incredible.
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